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Command Center Furniture

Security Operations, Surveillance Center & Command Center Console

At Constant, we understand that around-the-clock operations and long shifts at a command center console put significant pressure on employees. Therefore, one of our driving principles has always been a dedication to proper ergonomics in computer workstation furniture. We believe that proper ergonomics is vital for every person at the workplace. Unfortunately, many companies only consider ergonomic solutions for individuals who are already dealing with health problems as a result of daily stress on the body. We recommend ergonomics as a smart investment for your employees and for the company.

Proper ergonomics is meant to promote employee comfort, satisfaction, and productivity. When it comes to designing ergonomic operations center furniture, Constant Technologies delivers cutting-edge results. The science and technology behind ergonomics is woven into our furniture designs, thus promoting the overall well-being of your employees. Our operations center consoles help minimize operator fatigue and reduce the chance of neck injury, back injury, and eyestrain—all of which are crucial to a comfortable work environment. Safety is yet another important element for a healthy work environment. Ergonomically designed furniture embraces safety and prevents injury. All of our consoles meet or exceed all industry standards, thereby promoting peak performance from your employees. After all, why would you choose a control center design that detracts from productivity? Let Constant design a console for you that supports or even improves your operations.
Constant offers a turnkey solution for command and control facilities, from design to manufacture to installation. Our fail-safe design process ensures that your command center furniture is calculated to suit your specific needs. Each phase of the design process includes multiple checkpoints to ensure picture perfect results. Our turnkey solution is an ideal option for streamlining the setup of a security operations center or similar operation.

Constant Technologies takes great care in the building, delivery, and installation of products. After your surveillance center or similar operation is installed, Constant remains on hand for additional support whenever you need it. Our skilled technicians, engineers, and designers are readily available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, our complete service package will guarantee support throughout the entire life of your operation.
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